Don’t complain… because…

“You are living someone else’s dream life”


Let’s think about this for a second…

There is someone out there in the world right now that is less fortunate. When they close their eyes and dream of the perfect life, they picture your current situation. What you have, what you do, your freedom, etc…

Given the chance, they would swap places with you in a heart beat.

Actually, there’s probably more than just 1 person out there who dreams of the life you have…

There are probably hundreds, maybe thousands.

Hang on, maybe it’s more than that… Maybe it’s millions?

I just googled it… there’s actually more than 1.3 Billion people out there who live in “extreme poverty”. 😳

You don’t just live someone else’s dream life. You live over a billion people’s dream life.

Have a think about that before you complain about something today. You have it so good.

Happy Sunday,
– Joel

*Lucky pic by Puck Milder