Showing love when someone’s being an asshole…

Yesterday I saw someone texting while driving and they nearly hit a bicyclist! 😠

Later, I saw another driver throw a cigarette butt and some trash out of their window. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Last week, one of my friends posted an extremely insensitive comment on social media.😞

I came across this comment recently…

“It’s okay that we can disagree respectfully, but we need to love unconditionally”

I’m a believer in unconditional love… But how can I “love” these people when they’re doing things that are the opposite of what I stand for? How can I love people who are being assholes!!?

Here’s some tips and things I’m working on…

Unconditional love means:

  • Being patient with others
  • Trying to educate (respectfully!)
  • Listening. Even if I disagree with their views
  • Walking away and being the bigger person if need
  • Forgiving people when they do stuff wrong

Here’s WHY I am practicing unconditional love:

  • Leading by example is one of the best ways to spread goodness to the world
  • By showing unconditional love I could change someone’s mind, or even change their life!
  • I’m happier when I love instead of hate
  • When I show love, others love and respect me more

Have a great Sunday, all!
Love, Joel