Unconditional Love

Sometimes I feel like a horrible son.

My Mum sacrificed everything to raise me, taught me everything she knows… and I repaid her by moving across the globe and only coming home every few years. I am the worst!

But then I remember the 1 thing my Mum is best at: Unconditional love.

She understands and practices unconditional love. Everyday, everywhere, and with everyone. (And she’s teaching me to do the same)

So although I feel bad for not being with Mum in person today, I know she’s living her best life regardless. And loves me no matter what. She really is an amazing woman!

Cheers to all the awesome Mum’s out there like mine. Wishing you all a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY filled with love and joy.

– Joel ❤️

If you’re lucky enough to be with your family in person today, enjoy every second of it!

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