What weakens you, strengthens you.

What weakens you, strengthens you.

Imagine if life was always easy… From the moment you were born you got everything handed to you, you never got picked on as a kid, never given chores or hard work, everything was paid for, never had stressful choices to make, etc.

If things were always easy, you’d wake up mid-life and feel completely lost. Incapable of making decisions, not able to cope with loss, little issues would stress you out, and you’d rely on others for almost everything. This is the opposite of independence.

Easy choices, hard life.
Hard choices, easy life.

I think about this when I’m faced with hard tasks today. As an adult, I can decide to avoid, ignore, or bypass hard tasks. But, if I take the easy street for too long, I won’t be as strong or wise later in life. Easy choices hurt me. Hard choices help me.

This week, you might have some crappy tasks in front of you. Bad news to deliver, angry clients to deal with, mundane tasks, scary things to try… Think of these challenges as opportunities to be better. You won’t get these opportunities later in life – best handle your hard business now while it’s in front of you!

Charge the day,
– Joel

Easy choices hard life

Stairway to Heaven Hike on Oahu! Photo by Darren Lawrence

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