Reasons to Always Work Harder

work harder!


Always do more than what you’re paid to do. Always go the extra mile.

Here’s why:

– You will get more opportunities (more specifically, you’ll be noticed by the people who hand out opportunities)

– You will accumulate more skills

– You will gain more negotiating power for flexible work terms

– You will feel better about what you do

– Your imagination will develop faster

– Your confidence will increase

– Your reliability will increase

– You will profit by the law of contrast (because the

 majority of people don’t go the extra mile, in fact most people don’t even go the first mile)

– You will inspire others to be better

– It is the only logical reason to ask for a promotion or more pay. (If someone is only doing what they are paid to do, then obviously they have no right to ask for more pay for the same tasks)

Do more. Get more. Then, do even more.

*Photo credit: Jordan Whitfield