101 Random Things I’m Grateful For!


Over the past few months I’ve been pulling out my phone and jotting down the little things that I’m grateful for in life. Random events throughout the day, surprising moments in nature, or when I’m reminded of how blessed I am!

Below is my list of things I’m grateful for. There’s a 101 listed here, but in reality it’s more like 1,000,000,001 things that I’m actually grateful for. I will never stop counting my blessings.

Let’s get to it!…

101 Things I’m Grateful For:


  • I’m grateful for my unique eye color. There’s nobody in the world with the exact same eye color as me. Or you!
  • I’m grateful for my random selection of coffee mugs I’ve collected at garage sales over the years. Each coffee and tea that I drink brings back fun or strange memories.
  • Today I’m thankful for the green Jeep that let me merge into his lane during rush hour traffic. He was in just as much of a rush as myself and he still chose to let me in.
  • Grateful for the beachI’m grateful for the park ranger who didn’t give me a ticket at the beach today for having my dog off leash. He let me off with a kind warning and saved me a $300 fine!
  • I’m grateful that I have a home. Today I saw a few homeless people living at the dog park and I can’t even imagine what life would be like without a basic roof over my head.
  • Grateful that the birds in my front yard tree didn’t shit on me when I walked to my car this morning. One of them has been giving me the stink eye for the last few days and it’s only a matter of time before he craps on me.
  • I appreciate the interesting book I’m reading currently. And the one that I’m about to read next!
  • Grateful for my delicious cup of joe this morning. It’s the perfect milk-to-coffee ratio, mixed with a teeny tiny bit of heaven.
  • I’m grateful for the free snacks and taste testers at Costco. Keeps me happy and trying new things while fighting the Saturday morning shopping crowds.
  • Today I’m grateful for 3 hours of morning silence. It’s the best way to start the day.


  • Today I was in a meeting that ended early. The host stayed on track the entire time and respected everyone’s schedule. I appreciate people who appreciate my time!
  • I’m grateful to have ZERO meetings scheduled for tomorrow. My calendar can now be filled with activities that I choose, and I can catch up on work I’ve been putting off!
  • I'm grateful for my freelance gig!I’m grateful to have a new freelance job offer! Small to start with, but has huge upside potential in my area of interest!
  • I’m grateful to still be in regular contact with my old bosses and managers. Respect for each other continues even though we don’t work together anymore.
  • This week I received 11 thank you emails from random strangers telling me I’ve made an impact in their life. I’m grateful for this and reminds me to continue to put effort into everything I do.
  • I’m grateful for people that call me out on things and give me constructive feedback. People like this help me learn and be better in life.
  • Today someone approached me with a job opportunity. Although I didn’t take it, I am grateful to have skills that are valuable to others.
  • Today I only logged 27 minutes of screen time on my iPhone. I am grateful to step away from technology for long periods of time on the weekends.
  • I’m grateful for this old iPhone I’m using right now. It’s 4 and 1/2 years old and still running strong!
  • I am grateful for technology like WhatsApp and FaceTime. Even though my family is spread across different continents we are able to stay close and talk regularly for free.
  • I want to thank all the readers and followers of my daily email and blog. I am constantly amazed how far these words reach around the world!


  • My little brother stopped by my house today to give me a birthday gift! Even though my birthday was over 60 days ago, he took his time to search for the perfect gift. I am grateful for his thoughtfulness.
  • I’m grateful for my new nephew who was just born. He lives across the other side of the country, but I am going to meet him in a few weeks!grateful nature walk
  • My cousin just called from the UK to catch up. I’m thankful that we remain in contact from afar. (Photo he just sent is attached of him nature walking with his daughter recently).
  • Grateful for my neighbors, who I consider family. We really lucked out moving next to one another 8 years ago.
  • I’m grateful that my parents had me and my siblings while they were young. My parents are young, fit and healthy.
  • I’m grateful for my wife. I could write a whole book on the blessings she brings to my life.
  • Grateful for my dog that goes psycho when I get home every day. It’s like he hasn’t seen me in years when it’s only been a few hours.
  • I appreciate the people I love taking care of me when I’m sick. Today I had a pounding headache and my wife waited on me hand and foot.
  • Today my friend told me a huge secret. I’m grateful my friends can confide in me and trust me with conversations that are personal.
  • Grateful when my wife gives the dog a bath and he smells fresh and clean for the next few days.
  • I’m grateful that my parents are still together, after 37 years of marriage. So are my wife’s parents. They lead by example, showing me what a good marriage looks like.


  • I’m grateful that my car hasn’t needed any major repairs during the time I’ve owned it. It just turned 10 years old and still runs like new! (knock on wood)
  • I’m grateful for the 99c store. My entire shopping cart was only $34 and I have enough groceries and fresh veggies for a week!
  • I’m grateful for my neighbor’s lemon tree which I steal from regularly! Making some lemon and lime margaritas tonight for happy hour!
  • I regularly thank the mailman for delivering my weekly shopping coupons… There’s always something good on sale!
  • Today my neighbor signed for a package while I wasn’t home. They saved me a trip to the UPS store!
  • I’m grateful for really warm socks! It’s so freezing this morning and these wooly things are helping me stay warm!
  • Clean bed sheets! Tonight I will be sleeping like a king thanks to my awesome wife for doing the washing today!
  • I’m grateful for our comfy couch which I nap on regularly.
  • I am so blessed to have a backyard! It’s rare in Los Angeles so I make the most of it and spend time out there every single day.
  • Today I found an old sweater I’ve been searching for for over 3 years! It was at the back of my wife’s messy closet. (Now that I think about it… maybe my wife was hiding it from me all along!?)


  • I’m grateful for the hummingbird feeders we have that bring all the beautiful hummingbirds to my front yard. It reminds me to take a break from my worldly troubles and enjoy the simple things in life.
  • I just saw a mama and a baby whale breaching in Santa Monica. I’m grateful for raw nature moments like this. Simply amazing.
  • rainbow gratitudeCooper and I just saw a massive rainbow at the end of our street. I am so grateful when the universe shows us signs like this.
  • I’m grateful for the swing in my front yard. I picked this swing up for a steal at a garage sale 8 years ago. All the kids in the neighborhood come over to swing on it.
  • Today I got the golden goose parking spot right at the front of Trader Joe’s. It’s a madhouse parking here today but I just got the best spot in the place!
  • I’m grateful for the fruit trees in my neighborhood that I pick from regularly! Lemons, limes and oranges.
  • The rain in California this year is helping our drought problems. I’m grateful for the weather patterns, even when it comes as a surprise!
  • Today I saw some painted rocks at the bottom of a neighborhood tree. I’m glad I’m not the only crazy person out there painting rocks!
  • I’m grateful for the chalk drawings that the neighborhood kids leave all over the pavement outside my house. Even just scribbles in different colors gives me joy.
  • Grateful for the clean, filtered, drinkable tap water in my city. Fountains at the park, showers at the beach… I live in a city where clean water flows freely.
  • There’s a full moon every month or so, and I’m lucky to watch and be a part of it.
  • Today I went in the ocean! I’m grateful to live close to the sea. Looking out into the endless horizon makes me forget my troubles.
  • Today my wife and I went for a bike ride. We passed 200 other people on the bike path, all with smiling faces. I’m grateful for happy strangers that share smiles on sunny days.
  • As I’m sitting here working, I can hear little children laughing and playing in my front yard. I’m grateful for moments like this that remind me that laughter is everywhere.
  • The little girl next door wears a cape every time she comes outside to play. It reminds me of the costumes me and my brothers wore growing up, and how we never took them off. I’m grateful for these memories.


  • I‘m grateful for my teachers back when I was in high school. They never gave up on me even though I was difficult and constantly made their job hard. All teachers deserve more credit.
  • Grateful that the baby in the plane seat next to me has slept for 5 hours straight! Landing soon and he hasn’t made a peep all flight!
  • Grateful for beerI am grateful when other people are grateful
  • Grateful for the photos I took while I’ve traveled the world. Memories I will keep forever.
  • I love hearing the 2 kids upstairs footsteps run up and down the hallway. Hearing them makes me remember back when me and my brothers would chase each other around the house.
  • I appreciate taking a bath on a relaxing day. All the lights off, candles, and a movie on my phone 🙂
  • I’m grateful for the volunteers I work with. I work with kind people that give every day and don’t expect anything in return. They’re simply amazing.
  • I’m grateful to have self-confidence in life. My parents raised me to be a confident and independent man. I will share and help instill this confidence in others I meet throughout life.
  • Although we may be divided politically, the country I live in is pretty awesome. I’m grateful to have citizenship in the US.
  • My grey hairs are starting to come in… but I’m grateful for each and every one of them. Because they remind me of how interesting my life has been so far.
  • Beer, beer, and more beer. I’m not sure who or why they invented this golden deliciousness, but I’m grateful for every sip.


  • I’m grateful for the free bottle of wine that was included in my last wine shipment. I ordered 12 but got sent 13 as a bonus! Red red wine makes me feel so fine.
  • My friend is moving to another city and was gonna throw away all the food in his fridge while packing. But he gave it to me instead. I’m grateful for free food!
  • Today I ate at O’Learys Pub in Brookline, MA and got a free beer because my last name is O’Leary! There’s nothing better than free beer!
  • I’m grateful for the free breakfast my brother and wife just bought me while visiting them in Boston. They are taking good care of me and making me feel loved.
  • gratitude flowers!When I finished work today, my manager asked if I wanted to take home 2 huge bouquets of flowers! I’m grateful for the free flowers! – One goes to my wife and the other to my Mother in law.
  • Today I got a $50 bonus from a bank referral. I am grateful for free money!
  • I’m grateful for the five dollar bill I just found in the gutter where I parked my car. Not sure who dropped it, but it’s mine now, so thank you!
  • Today I pulled up to a parking meter and it was already paid for the next 45 mins! I only needed to be there for 10 so I appreciate the free parking!
  • My wife and I haven’t paid for a gym membership in over 5 years. I appreciate the free and natural activities we do to stay fit and healthy.
  • It makes me happy to see the growing financial advice and support from the FIRE community. There are endless free books, blogs, and podcasts out there that are helping me grow my wealth.
  • I’m grateful to share subscription logins with my friends and family. Sharing the value and lowers the cost for everyone in my household.
  • I just got my stimulus check from the government. My wife and I are very grateful for this money. 🙂
  • I’m grateful for the care package I just got in the mail. A complete surprise to brighten my day. Thank you SFN!!
  • Yesterday my friend brought around a six pack of beer but only drank two of them. He left the remaining four for me to enjoy over the weekend. I love free beer!
  • Grateful for buy-one-get-one-free Crocs! They are the only shoes I wear and they are cheap 🙂
  • My neighbors have cooked us dinner 3 x nights in a row! Since we’re all stuck at home and they love to cook, I am reaping the benefits of delicious meals!
  • I’m grateful for the fresh herbs that are growing in our garden. Green onion for our soups, lemongrass for our curries, rosemary for our steaks, and parsley on top of our omelettes!


  • I’m grateful for the mailman who brings me my mail every single day and also gives my dog something to bark at for at least 10 minutes!
  • I appreciate a large pint of Guinness (or 2) on St. Patrick’s Day. Even though I’m on house arrest I can still celebrate today virtually with my friends.
  • I’m grateful for all the new bloggers starting websites and sharing new information with the world. Every day someone starts a new blog, and it’s always a unique perspective. Here’s a cool one I found today!
  • There are a million fun and interesting shows to watch on TV. It’s amazing to have all this awesomeness at my fingertips!
  • My wife brings me vitamins each day and constantly encourages me to work out. I’m grateful for her keeping me healthy and strong so we can grow old together.
  • Grateful for when old songs come on the radio that I haven’t heard since childhood. They throw me back to childhood memories and make me think about things I haven’t remembered in years.
  • be happy chalkToday my wife and I spent 12 hours on the couch. We needed a day to relax and do puzzles and I’m grateful for the day off. I feel recharged and ready to tackle the week ahead!
  • I’m grateful to my friends that work in restaurants that are offering bulk produce and meat orders during this pandemic. Thoughtful and creative thinking is keeping many people employed and many families fed. Thank you!
  • I’m slowly building an amazing virtual tribe of friends that support and encourage me. Very appreciative of these strangers who write to me every day saying hello.
  • One of my real estate syndication projects just returned 20% on my original capital this week. This was a huge unexpected bonus check and I’m forever grateful for my business partners!
  • I’m grateful for my property management company doing everything they can to help my tenants have a safe and secure place to live.
  • It’s awesome to see doctors and nurses who continue to work during this pandemic. THANK YOU to all you heroes for doing what you do!
  • I’m grateful for the tenants that occupy my rental properties. I give them cheap rent so they can save money for a house of their own, and meanwhile, they are contributing to me building my wealth.
  • My friend called me today and we spoke for over an hour. I appreciate long and deep conversations about how interesting life is.
  • I’m grateful for lame dad jokes. Maybe it’s my weird sense of humor, but the more lame the joke is, the more I appreciate it. Why did the old man fall into the well? Because he couldn’t see that well! C’mon, you gotta love that one.


  • Lastly, I‘m grateful for YOU. For taking the time to read this. Thank you. 🙂