FinCon 2018 Reviews and Highlights

FinCon 2018 – Recap & Highlights from a First-Timer

  I just returned home from FinCon 2018 held in Orlando, Florida. This was my first time attending the conference, and it won’t be my last. The conference itself was educational, professional, and I came home with a lot of practical action items to help with my blogging. What happened outside conference hours, however, is Read more about FinCon 2018 – Recap & Highlights from a First-Timer[…]

House Flip Case Study

Funding a House Flip – Numbers, Notes, and Q&A!

  Investing in a House Flip   For a long time my investment strategy has been “buy and hold” rentals. Specifically, small multi-family properties. This has been a slow and conservative way to building wealth through real estate. I’ve read about people that “flip” houses for quick profits, and it never really interested me in Read more about Funding a House Flip – Numbers, Notes, and Q&A![…]

500 days

500 days left… until Year 2020!!

If you were going to start a 500 day challenge, this coming Sunday would be the perfect day to start. Because:   Exactly 500 days from Sunday it will be January 1st, 2020.   Even the tiniest positive change added into your daily routine, done consistently for 500 days in a row, could have you Read more about 500 days left… until Year 2020!![…]

Just do it title

Financial Independence via JUST DO IT!

“What do you think sets apart successful people from those who give up, fail, or never even get started?” This is the final question at the end of every episode of my favorite podcast, BiggerPockets. It has been asked nearly 300 times to successful investors, business experts, and entrepreneurs who are guests on the show. Read more about Financial Independence via JUST DO IT![…]

Personal QBR

It’s Time for Your QBR: Quarterly Business Review

  It’s July 1st and time for your QBR!   What’s a QBR?   The last company I worked for had a grueling ritual at the beginning of each new sales quarter. Each sales rep had to prepare a detailed powerpoint presentation and deliver it to a room full of peers, managers, and executives from Read more about It’s Time for Your QBR: Quarterly Business Review[…]

More equals less ROE

When More Equity = Less Return

  Congratulations! Your investment property has risen in value!   Before we go out celebrating, let’s talk quickly about return on equity. Having more equity doesn’t necessarily mean that you have more money working for you.   In fact, as your property value increases, your return on equity decreases.   Wait a sec… What the Read more about When More Equity = Less Return[…]

Cyril Parkinson

Retire Early with Parkinson’s Law

    “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”     A dude named Cyril Parkinson wrote this phrase in the opening sentence of an essay published in 1955. (Original article here)   From what I gather, Parkinson was basically making fun of the government for wasting time and money. Read more about Retire Early with Parkinson’s Law[…]

4 x Fourplexes (Part 2): Investment Timeline and Numbers

  4 x 4’s… Part 2: Investment Timeline and Numbers     But first, 2 quick stories:   1. Yesterday I found 2 x new fourplex properties for sale in my target area. These are GOOD deals. Since I’m not in a position to buy, I forwarded the listings and numbers to 3 friends and Read more about 4 x Fourplexes (Part 2): Investment Timeline and Numbers[…]

First Investment Property

My First Investment Property, Age 18

15 Years Ago…   I was 18 years old and barely out of high school when I bought my first investment property. Actually, I should really say “stumbled upon” my first investment property. It was a family deal, driven mostly by my parents. Now before you go thinking that I was born with a silver Read more about My First Investment Property, Age 18[…]

Tracking My Savings Rate as a Young Kid

It all started with Mom…   I think about my savings rate in a different way than most people. It’s because of my Mom.   When I was a young kid, my Mom paid me and my siblings to do chores around the house. Pretty standard chores like doing the family laundry, vacuuming/mopping, dishes, yard Read more about Tracking My Savings Rate as a Young Kid[…]