100 x Days Until Valentines Day! 😍 – Gift idea

Starting this Friday (Nov 6th), it will be exactly 100 x days until Valentine’s Day 2021. Woohoo! Now, if you are hopeless romantic like me, you’re probably trying to think up new ways to impress you’re partner, lover, crush, baby boo or main squeeze… So here’s an idea that I used last Valentine’s Day that Read more about 100 x Days Until Valentines Day! 😍 – Gift idea[…]

Today’s Affirmations. Tell these to yourself.

Read these out loud to yourself…   “Today will be a great day”   “I am in charge of how I feel, and I choose to be happy”   “No matter what the world throws at me today, I will figure it out. I’ve handled everything this far in life, and each day I’m getting Read more about Today’s Affirmations. Tell these to yourself.[…]

A few more funny volunteering stories!

It’s been 10 months since I started volunteering with Meals on Wheels (just 1 shift per week). My job is to deliver meals to people who can’t source food for themselves. Some clients are sick or disabled, but most of them are just extremely old. It’s not a glamorous job, but I make the most Read more about A few more funny volunteering stories![…]

Pay it forward

Tomato trades and paying it forward…

Last month, one of our friends gave us about 30 tomato plants. He had hundreds growing in his backyard and needed to give some away. As compensation, we gave him 1 pound of mung beans and some home-made beer. A fair trade, we all thought. 30 tomato plants is too many for us, so we Read more about Tomato trades and paying it forward…[…]

be happy chalk

101 Random Things I’m Grateful For!

  Over the past few months I’ve been pulling out my phone and jotting down the little things that I’m grateful for in life. Random events throughout the day, surprising moments in nature, or when I’m reminded of how blessed I am! Below is my list of things I’m grateful for. There’s a 101 listed Read more about 101 Random Things I’m Grateful For![…]

After all this is over…

“After all this is over, all that will have really mattered is how we treated each other” – Some neighborhoods have started putting back up their Christmas lights to help spread cheer. It’s catching on quick! – Celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Margo Robbie, Jamie Lee Curtis are reading bedtime stories to kids for free online! Read more about After all this is over…[…]

Fill in the _________

Fill in the blank spaces…   Although I’m locked up in ____(city)____, I’m feeling quite _____(good emotions)_____. Because in the grand scheme of things, my life is truly ____(description)____. I’m learning to _____(new skill)_____ today, and staying home let’s me be sneaky and _____(guilty pleasure)_____ too! Today I will check in on ____(family member)____, _____(neighbor)____ Read more about Fill in the _________[…]

Massive homemade candle

Share your candle

  Being kind is free. It doesn’t cost you anything, and it’s easier than being unkind. “thousands of candles can be lit by a single candle, and the life of the original candle will not be shortened” So today I’m gonna share my flame 🔥 with as many people as possible. It’s gonna be a Read more about Share your candle[…]

Meals on Wheels volunteering

More fun volunteering stories!

Good morning! Here’s 5 quick stories from my recent Meals on Wheels adventures… – Last week I delivered to an old lady, and when she answered the door she had no pants on. Instead of acting shy or apologizing, she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders as if to say, “I don’t really feel like Read more about More fun volunteering stories![…]