Time = Life

Would you steal $20 out of someone’s wallet if they weren’t watching? Of course you wouldn’t. Because thieving is selfish and you wouldn’t want someone to steal money from you. What about stealing time? It’s only fair to respect other people’s time as much as you protect and respect your own. Some ancient cultures believe Read more about Time = Life[…]

Why am I so tired lately?

Ever check out your sleep data analysis on your iPhone? It’s inside the Health app. Here’s a snap of mine…   Well, dang! No wonder I’ve been feeling so tired lately – my bedtime is all over the place! I’m averaging less than 7 hours of sleep the past month. I’ve been groggy, slow thinking, and less Read more about Why am I so tired lately?[…]

Great moves are usually greeted by yawns

  “Beware the investment activity that produces applause; the great moves are usually greeted by yawns”   I love Warren Buffet. His advice and quotes aren’t just applicable to investing… Many of them can be used as good life advice. Here’s a quick reminder for today… The small and boring self-improvement activities you’re doing each Read more about Great moves are usually greeted by yawns[…]

Gratitude improves all your experiences

Gratitude. Gratitude unlocks the fulness of life. – It turns what we have into enough (and more) – It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity. – It turns regular meals into feasts, houses into homes, strangers into friends. – Gratitude brings you peace. It makes sense of your past, and gives Read more about Gratitude improves all your experiences[…]

Friday reminders…

Happy Friday! Quick reminders for today… – Look for the humor in stuff: Even when crap hits the fan, there’s always a funny side! – Celebrate the small stuff: I plan to have about 20 mini-celebrations today when tiny things go right. Don’t care how small it is, nobody can stop me from celebrating life. Read more about Friday reminders…[…]

Right place, right time. Look for the signs…

  About 6 months ago I was walking on the beach. It was one of those long, soul searching walks where I was feeling stuck and trying to figure out what the heck my purpose is in life. Am I on the right path? Am I making the right career moves? Stuff like that. All Read more about Right place, right time. Look for the signs…[…]

4 quick tips – for when you feel overwhelmed

Here’s a cool message I keep in my notebook and refer back to on days when I feel scattered… “To my sweet Joel… 💕  these are the four things I do when I’m feeling overwhelmed… 💕  I do the next right thing… 💕  I Finish what I start…💕  I Use what I have…💕  And I do what Read more about 4 quick tips – for when you feel overwhelmed[…]

Refinance Magic – Putting Equity to Work

Refinance Magic – Putting Equity to Work [Guest post by “K. Money!”] What if I told you that I could increase the production value of your rental property by 10-20% and I will PAY YOU $4,600 to do it, does that sound like something you’d be interested in!? Now you are probably thinking…… “This sounds Read more about Refinance Magic – Putting Equity to Work[…]

A sneaky challenge for you…

Happy Friday! Your challenge today… (should you choose to accept it) is to: Steal your partner’s iPhone (or any loved one’s phone) when they are not looking… Hold down the home button to activate Siri, and speak the following into the phone… ”Remind me in 20 days that xxx loves you” (use your name in place of xxx) The Read more about A sneaky challenge for you…[…]

Are your problems “real” problems?

Some of the best advice I ever got was that real problems are ones that can’t be solved with money.   Day to day annoyances like car repairs, tuition payments, bills, house maintenance issues – all easily solved with new DIY knowledge, creativity, or cash.  When you have a health problem, sick loved one, regrets, damaged Read more about Are your problems “real” problems?[…]

Your happiness = your responsibility

YOU are the biggest part of your own happiness. Happiness isn’t out there waiting for you… It’s not something that you stumble upon randomly or only deserve later in life. Happiness is already within you. Right now. It’s on you to recognize that and consciously lead your day with it. 🙂 Sometimes its easy, sometimes it’s hard work. But it’s always worth Read more about Your happiness = your responsibility[…]

Friday Happiness Checklist ✅

Happy Friday, dudes! Here’s a checklist for today. Feel free to add/change/delete items as you see fit. Then print it out, and check them off 1 by 1, and notice your happiness increase 🙂 HAPPINESS CHECKLIST ✅ I’ve reminded myself that I’m incredibly blessed in life. ✅ I’ve reminded myself that I’m really good at _______, and I’m Read more about Friday Happiness Checklist ✅[…]

Under pressure? So were diamonds once!

It takes extreme pressure to turn carbon into diamonds. Immense heat to forge the strongest steel in the world. Piping hot fire allows glass to be blown into beautiful objects. Intense sun rays helps animals grow protective armor and leather skin. Keep this in mind when you encounter any stress, pressure, or heat from your Read more about Under pressure? So were diamonds once![…]

How to supercharge your weekend…

Do you know how often lightning strikes the earth?… About 100 times, every second! ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ 🌎 Hard to believe, right? Well it’s true. Right now, as you read this, at different places all around the globe, massive amounts of energy are striking the earth. 6000 lightning bolts per minute! Amazing. But even more amazing is this… The Read more about How to supercharge your weekend…[…]

Cheer for yourself

  My friend said this yesterday… “We know the most famous people in the world, better than we know ourselves” It’s sad, but I think it’s kind of true. Sports stars; we memorize their batting averages, points, and record times. Business heroes; we study their career moves, big decisions, and accomplishments. Movie stars; we memorize Read more about Cheer for yourself[…]

leaky bucket fable

The Leaky Bucket – When Imperfections Are Advantages

There are several versions of this leaky bucket fable, but I like this short version the best. The Leaky Bucket Fable Two buckets lived in a village. They carried water every day from the river to the people. One bucket was old, warn, and cracked, and lost half it’s water by the time they reached their destination. It felt terrible Read more about The Leaky Bucket – When Imperfections Are Advantages[…]

Same mud, different experiences

Happy Monday! We’re all going through an extremely muddy year. Some of us are less affected and are doing fine, while others are having a really tough time. This week, stay sensitive to other people’s perspectives and feelings. We all experience the mud differently. – Joel *photo credit to some stranger on Facebook. 🙂

Better effort = better results

If you want normal results, do normal things. If you want better results, do better things!   My friend said this quote to me last week. It’s a great saying, but since hearing it I haven’t really put it into practice. Today that changes. Here are the ‘better than normal’ things I’m going to do Read more about Better effort = better results[…]

Surfer secret

Work on your inners.

“Your outer world… is a reflection of your inner world” You can’t control the things that happen around you. But you can shape your own reality and control how you view things. It starts with working on your inside world. The tiniest inner progress can dampen the chaos around you. Like… – Doing 10 pushups makes you feel fitter all day. You’re Read more about Work on your inners.[…]


te·nac·i·ty noun 1. the quality of being very determined; determination. “Dang! I want Jane on all my team projects moving forward! She’s got awesome tenacity and it’s inspiring to be around!” 2. the quality of continuing to exist; persistence. “It’s like nothing ever gets Steven down! He just keeps trying and trying and trying. Soembody Read more about Tenacity…[…]

“it” is just a point in the process.

Ever met someone and thought, they’ve got ‘it’? They’re so good at what they do, it’s like they were born with talent, or gifted an amazing skill that others don’t have… Seems unfair sometimes! But, while it might seem like they’ve always been good, you‘re probably only meeting who they are today. A whole lot Read more about “it” is just a point in the process.[…]

Stayin’ Positive and Happy!

Last week someone called me “naive” for being happy and positive all the time. 😔 Whilst I can see how it comes across that way (and I definitely am naive about a lot of stuff) that’s not the reason I’m so positive. Being happy and positive is NOT: Ignoring your problems Pretending world issues don’t Read more about Stayin’ Positive and Happy![…]

Perceptions –> Beliefs –> REALITY

The interesting thing is that our subconscious “listens” to our conscious self and will start to absorb what we tell it! We have to be careful about what you say and think. When you say you “Can’t” workout today when you should be saying you “won’t” workout today, you are telling your subconscious that you Read more about Perceptions –> Beliefs –> REALITY[…]

Benevolent well of truth…

TODAY: – Our focus is not on dollars. – Tomorrow’s worries are tomorrow’s problems to solve. – Our goal today is to have a carefree experience. – And share good times with others. Forget about filling up your purse… Fill your life instead with lasting memories. Happy Sunday! – Joel

You’re doing great

“Just because someone does more than you, it doesn’t mean you don’t do enough.” Today, be proud of the stuff you’re accomplishing. You’re on a great path, going your own speed, building a life that’s full of things important to you. You’re shooting for quality… so don’t be too concerned about quantity.  Have a kickass Tuesday, peeps!– Joel

Persistence has unlimited power.

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. – Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. – Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. – Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.   These awesome words are Read more about Persistence has unlimited power.[…]

Worrier or Warrior?

Worrier: Someone who gives way to uneasiness, anxiety, allowing their mind to dwell on difficult troubles. WARRIOR: A brave and experienced fighter who combats their tasks and is remembered by many. (also a cool looking yoga pose 🙂) Which one are you today? A worrier or a WARRIOR!? Have a good one, Joel

Happy Monday! Back to “reality”.

I always found it tough returning to work after a long weekend. Most people do. But something changed a few years back… I started watching unhappy people, and noting the things they do. Then, I tried to do the complete opposite. Instead of complaining about Mondays, I embraced them. Instead of talking about the things Read more about Happy Monday! Back to “reality”.[…]

Better dreams to dream

  “Many people dream of money, because they have no other dreams to dream”.   I’ll admit, I used to dream about money quite a bit. I had big hopes, and saw dollar signs when I closed my eyes. But things changed when I… started spending more time outside. Traveling, camping, surfing, riding my bike. Read more about Better dreams to dream[…]

Skills + Will

  “Champions aren’t born, they are built”   But, what are they built with? If any regular person out there wants to be a champion, how do they do it? Champion = Skill + Will Skills are obtained by hard work, hard work, and then more hard work. Will is having an unwavering desire to succeed. There is no stopping, Read more about Skills + Will[…]

happy thoughts

Be like Peter Pan… Think happy thoughts!

Happiness is contagious. Not just from people –> people. Happiness is contagious within your own brain and thought patterns. It starts with 1 tiny little positive thought. That happy thought births another. Then those thoughts multiply over and over. And if you allow it, the happiness continues to grow and grow until you see the Read more about Be like Peter Pan… Think happy thoughts![…]

work life balance

Work / Life “Balance” – Merge and Shift your Mindset

I’ve always found it hard to maintain a “work/life balance”. For most of my life, I thought that work and life had to be separated. Each one was allowed specific time, and you needed to spread the time evenly doing one or the other. Too much of work, or life, would throw the balance off. Read more about Work / Life “Balance” – Merge and Shift your Mindset[…]

Saying No to Book Recommendations

I get about 10 book recommendations a week. You probably do too. Friends at work recommend reading this book, others encourage you to read that book, etc. Many of us have an overwhelming to-read list that grows faster than the pace we can actually read. (and some titles you can’t even remember why they’re on Read more about Saying No to Book Recommendations[…]

Weebles wobble – but they don’t fall down!

The Weebles have a slogan… “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.”   It’s a cool reminder for us humans too… Today, random stuff will come at you, knock you over, push you sideways, you’ll make mistakes, and you might even get hurt. But you won’t stay down. Life is about always getting back up, Read more about Weebles wobble – but they don’t fall down![…]

surf art

Where there’s a will, there’s a wave

On Wednesday I went surfing, I was out there with about 50 other people. But, out of those 50 dudes, only 5-10 were actually catching all the waves. The other 40 guys were all missing out. Why?… They were either sitting in the wrong spot, too lazy to paddle for waves, too scared they were Read more about Where there’s a will, there’s a wave[…]

Today’s Affirmations. Tell these to yourself.

Read these out loud to yourself…   “Today will be a great day”   “I am in charge of how I feel, and I choose to be happy”   “No matter what the world throws at me today, I will figure it out. I’ve handled everything this far in life, and each day I’m getting Read more about Today’s Affirmations. Tell these to yourself.[…]

Winners never quit, and quitters never win!

Winners never quit. and Quitters never win. You just gotta keep trying and pushing and shoveling and focusing and toughing it out until the job gets done. Might not be easy, but it’s always worth it. PS. If you never quit *and* you never win, maybe you’re doing it wrong. Change something! Have a good Read more about Winners never quit, and quitters never win![…]

A few more funny volunteering stories!

It’s been 10 months since I started volunteering with Meals on Wheels (just 1 shift per week). My job is to deliver meals to people who can’t source food for themselves. Some clients are sick or disabled, but most of them are just extremely old. It’s not a glamorous job, but I make the most Read more about A few more funny volunteering stories![…]

Priority vs. Priorities

Did you know… 100 years ago, there was no plural for the word “Priority”? Priority means the 1 most important thing. But over time, humans got really busy. We started multi-tasking. We came up with new words and now “Priorities” exists. Priorities just means ‘important stuff’. It’s a diluted version of the original word. I Read more about Priority vs. Priorities[…]