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500 days

500 days left… until Year 2020!!

If you were going to start a 500 day challenge, this coming Sunday would be the perfect day to start. Because:   Exactly 500 days from Sunday it will be January 1st, 2020.   Even the tiniest positive change added into your daily routine, done consistently for 500 days in a row, could have you Read more about 500 days left… until Year 2020!![…]

Daily Date – How waking at 5am boosts my performance

  I’m very excited to share a guest post from another 5am Rockstar, Jemma Martin. Jemma is KILLING IT in both her business and personal life. She goes on a daily date – with herself – each morning that helps her plan, execute, and live life by her own design.    Daily Date – How Read more about Daily Date – How waking at 5am boosts my performance[…]

Just do it title

Financial Independence via JUST DO IT!

“What do you think sets apart successful people from those who give up, fail, or never even get started?” This is the final question at the end of every episode of my favorite podcast, BiggerPockets. It has been asked nearly 300 times to successful investors, business experts, and entrepreneurs who are guests on the show. Read more about Financial Independence via JUST DO IT![…]

Saving Money on Beer

Saving Money on Booze – The Aussie Way

  I recently read a post by Fly to FI about ways to save money on liquor. It was written by a 22 y/o fire-walker, and he noted some excellent points. (Although young, Fly to FI has a cool blog and perspective, check it all out here)   I remember when I was 22. I pulled Read more about Saving Money on Booze – The Aussie Way[…]

wake up early tips

6 Tips for Waking Up Early and CRUSHING IT

  Getting up early changed my life. And I bet it will change yours too. But where do you start? How do you stay consistent? Below are some tips that I use to wake up early each day. My hope is that these will help you too. Whether it’s 5am, 6am, or even if you Read more about 6 Tips for Waking Up Early and CRUSHING IT[…]

Personal QBR

It’s Time for Your QBR: Quarterly Business Review

  It’s July 1st and time for your QBR!   What’s a QBR?   The last company I worked for had a grueling ritual at the beginning of each new sales quarter. Each sales rep had to prepare a detailed powerpoint presentation and deliver it to a room full of peers, managers, and executives from Read more about It’s Time for Your QBR: Quarterly Business Review[…]

stress 5am joel

Ready… Set… STRESS!

  How well do you handle stress?   When you’re laying in bed awake at night, are you dreaming about the fun things in life? Or are you stressing about the potential problems you come across each day?   I used to think stress came and went as a result of the environment I was Read more about Ready… Set… STRESS![…]

5am Joel PRIUS

Everything Fits in a Prius

  I’m about to embark on a 4 week road trip with my wife and dog. And this beautiful, 2010 Prius, nicknamed “The White Shite”, will be our faithful chariot.     Most of our friends laughed when they heard we were planning to travel in the Prius. Some kindly offered for us to take Read more about Everything Fits in a Prius[…]

Sunk Cost Fallacy

The Sunk Cost Fallacy – STOP Digging!

  Ever heard of the Sunk Cost Fallacy?   I was at the grocery store the other day. There was only 1 checkout lane open and a long line of customers in front of me. Waiting around, I struck up a conversation with the guy in front of me. Really nice guy. He was headed Read more about The Sunk Cost Fallacy – STOP Digging![…]

More equals less ROE

When More Equity = Less Return

  Congratulations! Your investment property has risen in value!   Before we go out celebrating, let’s talk quickly about return on equity. Having more equity doesn’t necessarily mean that you have more money working for you.   In fact, as your property value increases, your return on equity decreases.   Wait a sec… What the Read more about When More Equity = Less Return[…]