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Change your mindset = change your options

“I’m stuck in this job” “I’m stuck in this city” “I’m stuck in this situation” “There’s nothing I can do about xyz” “My problem has no solution. I give up” Ever thought things like this? Me too. But know this… There is, and always be, something you can do to change your situation. The first Read more about Change your mindset = change your options[…]

National “Making Life Beautiful” Day

Happy Friday good people! Today (apparently) is “National Making Life Beautiful Day”. I say ‘apparently’ because I suspect this is a recently made up holiday. Just like National Corn on the Cob Day or German Chocolate Cake Day (These are also celebrated today actually) But hey, anything to do with making life beautiful is fine Read more about National “Making Life Beautiful” Day[…]

Which cows are you hanging with? 🐮

Did you know… Cows “moo” with an accent? It’s true. Cows on the east coast “moo” in a different tone than cows on the west coast, or in the south. Actually, each small herd has different accent. Scientists say cows have “identifiable dialectal variations which are most effected by the immediate peer group“ Hmmmmm… 🤔 Read more about Which cows are you hanging with? 🐮[…]

100% Contentment

Look around you. What do you see? Roof over head ✔️ Food in fridge ✔️ Friends ✔️ Love ✔️ Health ✔️ Luxuries ✔️ Freedom ✔️ Opportunities ✔️ “The secret to having it all in life… …is realizing that you already do.” Happy Sunday! – Joel   *Photo by Eleanor

First things first…

This morning… Before logging into your social media accounts, log into your positive mindset. Are you ready to have a good day? 🤔 Before updating your online status, update your Sunday funday agenda! What 2-3 things are you doing to make today awesome!? 🏄‍♂️ 🚴🏻‍♂️ ⚽️ Before clicking ‘like’ on all your friends photos, recall Read more about First things first…[…]

Exponential thinking… 🏆

“The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function.” – Albert Bartlet It’s totally OK if you are following path B! It might seem slow at first… but it leads to areas that people on path A can’t even fathom. Today: think exponentially. Compound interest, compound actions, compound achievements. Read more about Exponential thinking… 🏆[…]

Always be positive. It makes things easier!

A positive attitude has a magnetic force 🧲 that attracts similar and other positive thoughts… Positivity is contagious. Thoughts picked up by the subconscious mind are manifested into their physical equivalent… Think it = do it. Therefore… Positive thoughts = positive outcome. Negativity = crappy time for everyone. Your mind is the creator of most Read more about Always be positive. It makes things easier![…]

Monday happiness – you gotta choose it.

Dear everyone, It’s been brought to my attention that despite my daily morning emails, some of you are still having a hard time staying motivated and happy each day. Therefore, I have decided to increase my efforts… Starting tomorrow, instead of just 1 email each day, I will be sending 15 emails per day. You’ll Read more about Monday happiness – you gotta choose it.[…]

Let your own light shine – It’s Monday!

Check out this line of rose bushes… None of them are blooming, except the single little bush in the middle. He has grown about 20 beautiful flowers, while his friends don’t even have a single rose. How do you think he feels? Should this bush slow down so his friends don’t feel bad? “You playing Read more about Let your own light shine – It’s Monday![…]

Karma Saturday –> do good things

kar·ma (noun) 1. The sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Today: Do good things, and good things will happen to you. (And even if you don’t believe in this karma crap –> you should still do good things anyway. Because there’s Read more about Karma Saturday –> do good things[…]

The biggest thing Hawaii has taught me…

A lot of people fly to Hawaii to find happiness. But after a little while there, they realize that everything in Hawaii is imported. It’s an island. Things are brought there, not found there. If you don’t fly happiness in with you, you’re not going to find any in Hawaii. Happiness isn’t a place. It’s Read more about The biggest thing Hawaii has taught me…[…]

Dealing with BS…

The only BS I’m interested in dealing with today is Beer and Sunshine. Tomorrow’s problems can be solved –> tomorrow. Not sure what BS you’ve got on your plate right now… But I wish you a happy and wonderful Sunday, whatever you get up to. Cheers!– Joel 🌴😎🍻

Don’t stop

First there’s: – Discomfort – Roadblocks – Frustration – Problems But then: – Success! 🏆 – Progress! ✅ – Confidence! 💪 – Celebration! 🎉 If you give up during the first list… You don’t get to experience the bottom list. Keep going! You’re doing great. Joel 💪     *Feature pic by Daria Nepriakhina!

Luck of the Irish!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️☘️☘️ Here are some fun statistics and happenings during this most spectacular holiday… Did you know, about 10% of all US citizens can trace their ancestry back to Ireland!? 😳 That’s about 33 million Irish people in the USA (There’s only 5 million Irish in Ireland itself!) 🇮🇪 Regardless of ancestry, Read more about Luck of the Irish![…]

Organize your thoughts –> Rooms

Sometimes I’m a scatterbrain. My thoughts are all over the place, like this: When thoughts are scattered it’s unproductive, stressful, and there’s no room for more thoughts! But someone taught me a trick once to organize all the thoughts… It’s called compartmentalization. Basically, you divide all your thoughts into similar categories, and put them in Read more about Organize your thoughts –> Rooms[…]

Fear of public speaking report

I took a DNA test recently (23andMe) and learned some cool stuff about my ancestry and genetic traits. But they also gave me this weird report… Apparently my DNA shows I’ve got a 23% chance of fear of public speaking… It’s strange to think that fear can be genetic. (It’s also strange that people use Read more about Fear of public speaking report[…]