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Today’s happiness forecast… 👨🏼‍🏫

Well hello there everybody this is 5am Joel with your monday morning happiness forecast… 👨🏼‍🏫 Today will be mostly awesome with a chance of brilliant. We’ve got a 90% chance of yummy coffee to begin the day, followed by a wave of productivity, energy and optimism. Good vibes will roll in around mid-morning, spurring tranquility Read more about Today’s happiness forecast… 👨🏼‍🏫[…]

Less complaining & more *doing something about it*

“I love to walk regularly, and I used to complain to myself about all the garbage I saw everywhere while walking. Then one day I said: I could do something different, I could be thankful that I have legs to walk, hands that move and a body that can bend. I could pick up the Read more about Less complaining & more *doing something about it*[…]

You deserve a day off

Did you know… The human body creates ~330 Billion new cells every day? 🤯 That’s 3.8 Million new cells every second! Your body is constantly growing, healing, adapting, repairing itself, shedding bad stuff and generating new stuff. That’s a lot of hard work, you being you! And since you’re working so hard every second of Read more about You deserve a day off[…]

Your personal cheerleader 🤸‍♀️

I was thinking the other day… Wouldn’t it be cool to have a personal assistant or someone who’s entire job was to follow you around all day, motivating and encouraging you, telling you compliments, pushing you and reminding you how awesome you are at stuff? Imagine how great you’d feel and all the stuff you’d Read more about Your personal cheerleader 🤸‍♀️[…]

Quiet like Sunday morning

“Randall Stutman, who for decades has been the behind-the-scenes adviser for many of the biggest CEOs and leaders on Wall Street, once studied how several hundred senior executives of major corporations recharged in their downtime. The answers were things like sailing, long distance cycling, listening quietly to classical music, scuba diving, riding motorcycles, and fishing. Read more about Quiet like Sunday morning[…]

July 1st *Self* Worth Report

In the finance community, people update their Net Worth Report at the start of each month… But today, I’m evaluating my *Self Worth* instead. (Self worth is basically the same as Self Esteem… It’s confidence in one’s own abilities and assurance of who they are) Here are some areas in my life and a rating Read more about July 1st *Self* Worth Report[…]

Don’t think. Just do.

You’ve got 100 important decisions to make today… But, if you “second guess” yourself with each decision, it’s actually like making 200 decisions, because each one takes twice as much brain power. And if you’re the type of person who “second guesses their second guess” (me, sometimes! 🙋‍♂️) then you’re really making 300 decisions and Read more about Don’t think. Just do.[…]

nakatomi tower

Counting your good things

Happy Friday! Time to count our good things…. Good thing from this month: My little bro got married and family got bigger! 🥳 Good thing from this week: I got a pretty large mention at work this week that boosted my confidence 👨‍💻 Good thing happening today: Going surfing this morning! 🏄‍♂️ Good thing this weekend: Catching up with some Read more about Counting your good things[…]

There’s a couch on the road! 🛋

You’re cruising along, minding your own business, working hard towards your goals in life… then suddenly a couch appears in the middle of your road!? 🛋 (Sometimes it’s a metaphorical couch, and sometimes it’s a real couch.) You’re momentarily stuck. What do you do now? Do you get angry, complain, blame others, feel sorry for Read more about There’s a couch on the road! 🛋[…]

Sunday Family Time

Happy Sunday, y’all! My parents arrived from Australia yesterday! From left to right, this is my wife, my brother, Mum, Dad and me 🙂 👇 I’m gonna shut the laptop now and give them my full attention. 🙂 Wishing you all a lovely Sunday filled with sunshine and laughter. Life is good! Love, Joel

Good vibes coming your way

Happy Saturday!!! Wishing you lots of happiness, good vibes, positivity, smiles, hugs and kisses, special moments, delicious foods, relaxing naps, unexpected presents, random signs from the universe, free money, inner peace, uncontrollable laughter, celebrations, play time with friends, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… Did I miss anything? Basically whatever stuff you love in Read more about Good vibes coming your way[…]

A happy Friday checklist… 📝

It’s Friday! Woohoo 🥳 Here are your missions today, should you choose to accept them… ✅ Laugh at least 10 times today ✅ Celebrate a milestone or small win that happened this past week ✅ Celebrate *someone else’s* small win from this past week ✅ Dish out 5 compliments to other people today. (While you’re Read more about A happy Friday checklist… 📝[…]

Compose yourself 🧘‍♀️

com·po·sure (noun) the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself. “she retained composure through thick and thin” ***** Good morning, all! Here are a few mid-week reminders: You are in control of your feelings, and your response to situations around you. 🧘 You are a positive thinker! And positivity (+ kindness) Read more about Compose yourself 🧘‍♀️[…]

Small minds vs. great minds

Small minds discuss other people. Average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas. – Eleanor Roosevelt Good morning and happy Monday! Wishing you all a great week ahead, sharing and implementing your ideas 😉💡 Make it a good one, – Joel From the beach this weekend 😍

Pay yourself first — Variations

You’ve probably heard of “pay yourself first” when it comes to money management… Well, a lesser known (but equally effective) tactic is to pay yourself first when it comes to other stuff in life, too… Pay yourself first in encouragement. If you don’t believe in yourself it’s hard for others to also. Pay yourself first Read more about Pay yourself first — Variations[…]

Welcome to Bio-Dome. Welcome to the future!

Happy Friday, and happy Earth Day! 🌎 Here are some cool facts and stories about our earth and things within it… – From Sam M: “My favorite nature fact is about trees. They serve an incredibly important function called “carbon sequestration”. Trees literally pull carbon out of the air and bury it in their roots. Read more about Welcome to Bio-Dome. Welcome to the future![…]

A rare and beautiful cactus 🌵

Got this cool note from my friend, Mr. Accidentally Retired… 👇👇👇 “Every year around April 1st, almost to the day, the cacti around us start blooming. The most amazing of all is the Argentinian Cactus, which blooms the big, beautiful, white flowers. (pic below!) The Argentinian in particular is interesting, because it starts blooming at Read more about A rare and beautiful cactus 🌵[…]

You are smarter than you think…

Try reading this… Eevn tgouhh tehse wrods rea wirettn unisg jembuld lerttes, uyo cna sitll porbblay udnresnatd waht m’i syanig… T’is baucsee uoy rea sartmre tahn uoy tnihk oyu rea! Today: Trust your gut feelings, your natural intuition, and listen to your spidey-senses… Your ability to figure things out quickly is better than you think. Read more about You are smarter than you think…[…]

Perfect is the enemy – 90% is good enough

This came in from Paul in San Diego… 👇👇👇 “I struggle with composing responses to work emails. I want to make sure that when I respond to someone, I have all the information that may pertain to their request, neatly formatted the way I believe they want, along with other ‘helpful info’ too. But what Read more about Perfect is the enemy – 90% is good enough[…]